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? it did on my desktop where can I get the drivers for my touchpad? i was wondering if someone can help me with installing wine i'm getting an error checking for WINE... configure: error: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat is it in the ubuntu repository? no idea and whats the problem? is that a problem with the source code? can you open synaptic? its also not about searching for it on google I already tried does it start? synaptic? its the package manager i'm on my laptop and can't install on my desktop because i'm low on memory if i run it on my desktop i'm getting the error ok do you have a ternimal? terminal* yes open the terminal and type wine sudo apt-get install wine it says "package wine is not available" and what does it say? where? on my laptop where are you? on your laptop? I mean on your desktop? and i was getting the error i pasted @holms watschu holms ? yeah run wine first still getting the same error what does it say? how did you run it?



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Enter U237 Usb Tv Tuner Stick Driver birgar

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