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         Here you will find all the experiences that Fly fishing Sicily offers.

  • You can choose to float in a belly boat and fly fishing for Italian pike, perch and black bass in the most 

          beautifull lakes    of Sicily.

  • Or immerse yourself in the wildest nature and fish for the island's native trout that live in high mountain streams.

  • But also to sail the Ionian Sea aboard our boats, to discover the large indigenous predators.

                                               LISTINO PREZZI ل PRICE LIST

Pesca a mosca alle trote selvatiche
Wild Trout Fly Fishing
1 PAX 140 € ---full day
2 PAX 200 € ---full day


Pesca a mosca alle trote native
Native Trout Fly Fishing
1 PAX 150 € ---full day
2 PAX 220 € ---full day


Pesca a spinning in“Belly Boat “
Float tube fishing in lake
1 PAX 180 € ---full day
2 PAX 300 € ---full day
3 PAX 450 € ---full day


Traina costiera o spinning
Coast trolling or spinning
1 PAX 250 € ---half day
2 PAX 350 € ---half day
3 PAX 450 € ---half day


Traina d'altura o big game drifting
Offshore trolling or big game drifting
1 PAX 350 € ---full day
2 PAX 450 € ---full day
3 PAX 550 € ---full day


Bolentino per gruppi
Big group bottom fishing
from 1 PAX to 5 PAX from 5 PAX to 10 PAX
half day 450 € half day 550 €
full day 700 € full day 800 €



☺È sempre incluso: pranzo a sacco, attrezzatura da pesca, stivali ed esche.
☺Always included: packed lunch, fishing equipment, waders and bait.

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